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Taller la Cochera is a unit established by Arturo Coria Altamirano (Mexico) and Maiko Muro (Japan) in 2001.

Their pieces are based on the multiculturalism, intending the possibility of "no territorial art" without limiting their creative areas. Their works keep various aspects, like Surrealism, art naive, unique piece and hand work, that hold the line against what is the mass production, though their works can be integrated easily in the popular culture for its contraculture elements, such as seen in Animalia series which has been thousands produced.

Their work surprises spectators with their unique sense of color and playful energy. The characters of the figure series ANIMALIA are always colorful and cheerful but also are attractive like an aphrodisiac of poison. You can see them stranger, cynical, grotesque etc. if you watch them carefully. ANIMALIA is a world that reflects our daily life and society, or a world hidden behind there.

Their work is popular with all generation and has more reputation year by year, attracting attention. They have had many solo exhibitions at various galleries. Published their picture book "Shimashimatribol no fushigi na mi" with Sony Magazines in 2006 and their characters were exhibited at the show window of Sony Building in Tokyo in 2006 and 2007. Worked on the design of characters & logo for Moryong Youbi Uranai (Dai2 NTV) in 2005. Received the prize "M (marvelous)" in the category of picture books en Tokyo Ten (2004). Lately make animations with their characters of Animalia, too.

*"TALLER LA COCHERA" means "Garage workshop" in Spanish.
Named like this because they began to work together as group at a garage.

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